The construction concept of cinema
11.2 channel, 3d4k HD, 3-way speaker, metal low reflection screen and intelligent lighting effect, etc. are only the effective combination of various hardware. In addition, today I would like to share with you how to use different materials to achieve good sound effect. Make sound insulation, sound absorption, resonance sound, and sound effective reflection, to achieve non conflict. I must grasp the following three points: first, double-layer fully sealed sound insulation cotton, so that the sound does not leak; Secondly, the structure and the main body of decoration generate a vacuum anti vibration treatment layer, which will not have resonance effect; Third, the surface 50:50 ratio of reflection and sound absorption, so that the sound will not feel too dry and empty.
The Artison Nano Backpack P5 ultra-shallow surround sound processor/amplifier is easy to install behind the display, and the almost invisible package has powerful performance and multiple digital and analog inputs for maximum flexibility. The Artison Nano backpack P5 is a compact and ultra-thin theater center suitable for the digital age. The backpack size is only 1.1 inches (height) x 11.75 inches (width) x 11.5 inches (depth), specially designed for high-performance home theater audio and ultra-simple installation; whether it is installed on the wall, on the wall or on the tablet Behind the monitor.

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