Owning a Home Cinema is the pursuit of every capable family. It is also our pursuit to create a competitive cinema that is demanded by the market. The most realistic on-site sound effects, realistic picture experience, the most suitable lighting effects for watching movies, and the most comfortable temperature control. All of this is created by us through the savant system.
8K video processing output, 12.2 sound system all-in-one cinema equipment, In order to provide stable and high-definition picture quality output as a guarantee, the addition of 12.2 audio system, It can more restore the real environment of the movie, making the viewer immersive.
The eye-catching movie theater contains many technological elements. An 8-inch touch screen customer control panel can bring out a series of high-tech products. It only needs one button to activate the movie theater mode: including light adjustment, curtains automatically close, and projection screens. Put down, the projector will automatically land and turn on, and the audio system will turn on, allowing users to quickly enter the fun of watching movies
Temperature control has always been the theme of movie theaters. A comfortable ambient temperature can give viewers a better viewing experience. Smart temperature control devices must become a member of the movie theater. It can not only use the mobile phone APP to check the ambient temperature, but also adjust it. The temperature allows the host to take care of everyone's environmental feelings without disturbing everyone's enthusiasm for watching the movie.
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